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III Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Agnieszki Osieckiej w Sopocie

Secondary School No 3 in Sopot is a public body which is located in Sopot – a city nested at the Gulf of Gdansk- a region in the north coast of Poland.There are about 500 students (age 14-19) attending our school and about 40 branch teachers. Beyond the ordinary curricular process of knowledge acquisition, the students of our school face a continual opportunity to develop themselves in scope of humanities, artistic, biological, chemical and geographical fields of knowledge. What is more, this year our school has introduced the offer of enhancing knowledge within linguistic studies where Spanish, French, German and English languages are taught.

In the school complex the emphasis is put on motivating and activating children in the process of learning. The students with special educational needs, children of refugees andemigrants from Ukraine and Spain are surrounded by special care. They are provided with pedagogical, psychological and didactic support. The children at school take part in variouscompetitions and succeed in them. The teachers organize additional classes, such as classes developing students’ interests, workshops, artistic classes, cultural, sports, touristic and commemoration events

The school equipment looks as follows: the school has got 3 sports fields and a playground. The building consists of 4 segments – in one of them there is a kindergarten. In the last 4years it was renovated, the LED lighting was installed in the school corridors and in the classrooms. The driveway for the handicapped using a wheelchair was built. In each classroomthere is a computer for the teacher. In the whole building there is a WI-FI net. We have got 2 computer classrooms with 45 computers and one rootics classroom which is equippedwith Makeblock mBot robots, VEX IQ robots, LEGO Mindstorms EV3, Abilix Krypton 8 robots, DJI Tello Edu drones and Arduino UNO sets. In 98% of classrooms there are projectorsand interactive whiteboards. There are two gyms, the smaller one for grades 1-3 and the bigger one for grades 4-8. At school there is a canteen, a library, a reading room, a dentist’sroom and a hygienist’s room.

We aim to put students at the center of the learning process, encouraging them to think wisely and critically, improving their creativity, encouraging innovation, collaboration andentrepreneurship thus rising students’ motivation. We really want our students to develop and improve their transversal skills and become more and more responsible citizens aware oftheir European cultural heritage. We also want our students to develop their intercultural awareness and respect for all other countries in Europe. The participation ininternationalproject will promote an open and supportive conscience, aware of the different identities, to favour processes of meeting and communication between different cultures.Intercultural activity is aimed at training young people in welcoming, respecting the cultureof others and solidarity.

The project was aimed at gaining and developing digital competences connected with using digital learning tools.The learning activities undertaken by the teachers will allow us to take

part in an international project of exchanging the good practices, which is aimed at innovative educational activities, actively and effectively. Five years ago they introduced teaching of

the programming and coding. In the beginning there were additional classes for the students who were interested in them. In the face of covid-19 pandemic, we have been facing a

wide range of various education-oriented challenges of diverse manners, and we have taken appropriate steps in order to introduce the most effective teaching tools for our students.

Consequently, our students not only acquire the knowledge but also have discovered the know-how approach to different paths of being a part of the online learning process. Thus, our

students both, learn effectively and tend to be self-motivated most of the time. All the educational tools like Microsoft Teams, Classroom, Zoom and Clickmeeting platforms are the

means that our teachers have been using so as to offer our students the most effective teaching and learning methods. Being aware of combining intramural and online learning, we

are ready to improve our knowledge and skills in that particular aspect.









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During the pandemy days we focus on

- Creating digital culture in our community: Chrome book, google apps, tablets, reinforcing STEAM…

- Spreading knowledge

- Morning briefing.

- Team work, cooperative learning STUDENTS- TEACHERS

- Learning to think

- Sensitivity for sharing, helping each other and respecting our natural and cultural heritage.

- Teachers’ Role change and the subsequent change in student’s role being the focus of the learning process.

- No textbooks: learning by doing

- Digital learning

According to the new direction our new educational project began to follow, we realize that it was necessary to reorganize the traditional classrooms into the new digital learning areas we have nowadays

- Both classes are together: no walls, no barriers.

- Different spaces in the same learning areas.

- Flexible furniture.

- Shared resources and material.

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